Passport Renewal How To’s

Thinking about having your passport renewed?

YES? Alright, go to to set up an appointment online. You can do it individually (Set An Appointment > Start Individual Appointment Process) or if you want to renew as a family, you can also do the family application (Set An Appointment > Family Application Form). Make sure you have your old passport/s ready so it would be easy to fill up the forms. You can choose your schedule. (TIP: Set your appointment AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE to avoid super long lines of waiting). You can also choose the location (TIP: Have your renewal at the MALLS). Then just follow the instructions, take note of the requirements needed, and wait for the confirmation e-mail.


1. Print your forms on LONG bond paper.

2. Have everything photocopied (Birth certificates, IDs, marriage certificates, etc.) so you can avoid the hassle of having to photocopy them at the site. Photocopy charge at DFA costs around Php 2-3 each.

3. And contrary to what the email says, YOU CAN SIGN YOUR FORM. You really don’t need to sign it before the DFA Officer.

4. If you had it scheduled during the morning, GOOD FOR YOU. If your schedule is in the afternoon, GOOD LUCK.

5. Make sure you have EVERYTHING you need before going to your appointment.


6. If you chose DFA ASEANA as your site, PREPARE YOURSELF. As in BYOB (Bring your own baon of bottled water, snacks, candies), umbrella, bring a book or your game console or  iPod/iPad/iPhone to keep yourself entertained while battling the waiting game, and of course LOTS AND LOTS OF PATIENCE.

If you want to have an overview of what’s it like to have passports renewed at DFA Aseana, you’ve come to the right place.

Read it HERE.


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